· May, 2009

Stories about Eastern & Central Europe from May, 2009

Poland: “Cool Inventions”

  7 May 2009

“Six cool inventions you didn’t know were Polish” – at Polandian: bulletproof vest, mine detector, walkie-talkie and a few more.

Poland: Hitler and Abortion

  7 May 2009

Sylwia Presley reviews online reactions to neo-Nazi anti-abortion posters that appeared in several public places in Zielona Gora at the end of April.

Serbia: Smoking Ban

  5 May 2009

Another belated link to Belgraded.com: a post on “a gruesome threat called the smoking ban.”

Serbia: The Pope

  5 May 2009

Belatedly, a link to an explanation of why “the Serbian Orthodox Church, even though unable to stop the Stones, the AC/DC and Madonna, has some deciding power over the Pope Benedict XVI penetrating [Serbia's] borders” – at Belgraded.com.

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