· January, 2008

Stories about Eastern & Central Europe from January, 2008

Ukraine: NATO Problems

  25 January 2008

Foreign Notes writes about the bad timing of the current NATO-related initiatives undertaken by Ukraine's leaders.

Russia: Ukok Princess

  25 January 2008

De Rebus Antiquis Et Novis writes about plans to re-bury the mummy of a Scythian princess in the capital of Russia's Altai Republic.

Lithuania: Vytautas Sriubikis; the Hill of Crosses

  24 January 2008

Viola in Vilnius writes about Lithuanian flautist Vytautas Sriubikis – and briefly mentions the Hill of Crosses, quite an extraordinary place near the town of Siauliai, which “not surprisingly is a hill covered in crosses, and a bit of a place of pilgrimage.”

Albania: Eda Zari

  24 January 2008

Albanian Blogger writes about Eda Zari, an Albanian singer who has recently given up her Albanian citizenship.

Poland, Ukraine: The Border

  24 January 2008

Our Man in Gdansk writes about Poland's eastern border, the non-Schengen, closely guarded one: “A lorry driver died in the 20-mile queue at the Ukrainian-Polish border crossing at Dorohusk. Warsaw sat up and noticed: Poland has an eastern border.”

Russia: Decossackization

  24 January 2008

De Rebus Antiquis Et Novis writes about the history of Decossackization in Russia and recommends a book on the subject, written by Gregory Tschebotarioff, a former Cossack officer, now a professor at Princeton University.

The Balkans: “Jestdej”

  24 January 2008

Sleeping with Pengovsky posts a copy of the Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’ – spelled phonetically by Croatian musicians: “… For all of you native speakers out there – if you ever wondered how English sounds to people from the Balkans – take a look at the above picture. It just doesn’t get...

Ukraine, Russia: Monopoly

  24 January 2008

MoldovAnn asks readers to vote “for Kyiv to become one of the 22 cities of the world to be included in the new Monopoly World Edition game board.” Robert Amsterdam writes about real-life Monopoly being played in Russia by the Kremlin.

Ukraine: A Porous Border

  24 January 2008

Ukrainian news site Korrespondent.net posted a translation of a Sunday Times story on Ukraine's porous borders and illegal migration. The English-language original has received 16 reader comments so far, the Russian translation - 88 comments. While many readers admitted that the problem of illegal migration existed in Ukraine and that corruption among officials contributed to it, most did not seem happy about the Sunday Times' story.

Ukraine: Crimean Tatars Protest

  23 January 2008

Orange Ukraine writes, among other things, about Crimean Tatars’ protests in Simferopol over the long-delayed construction of a mosque.

Ukraine: Anthrax Housing

  23 January 2008

Ukrainiana reports that Kyiv authorities have decided to go ahead with the plan to build a house at the site of a 19th-centruy anthrax cemetery.

Russia: Kasyanov and Zyuganov Out of the Race?

  23 January 2008

Siberian Light reports that it is likely that former PM Mikhail Kasyanov will not be able to run for president of Russia. Vilhelm Konnander reports that it is also likely that Communist leader Gennadiy Zyuganov will withdraw from the race.

Poland: More on Healthcare

  23 January 2008

The beatroot visits a state-run and a private clinic in Warsaw to get a sick note and a medicine – and ends up writing about disadvantages of each option.

Slovenia: EU Presidency Update

  23 January 2008

Marko Bucik writes about Slovenia's “overshadowed” EU presidency: “Then comes Kosovo. This will be perhaps the only headline news for the Slovenian Presidency – be it good or bad news.”

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