· September, 2008

Stories about Eastern & Central Europe from September, 2008

Central Europe: Cheap Travel

  24 September 2008

The Czech Daily Word writes about the wonderful travel opportunities that Central European citizens enjoy, now that the borders are open and cheap plane tickets are available.

Ukraine, Russia: Kvas

  23 September 2008

Darkness at Noon posts an ode to kvas: “To be sure, kvas is the national drink of the East Slavic peoples. Vodka doesn't count because it is consumed largely for its well-documented medicinal benefits. Or at least this is what a local guide in Odessa recently told me. And while...

Russia: Svetlana Bakhmina

  23 September 2008

Robert Amsterdam writes about the case of Svetlana Bakhmina, a jailed former lawyer for Yukos and a pregnant mother of two children.

Russia, U.S.: Kremlin for McCain?

  23 September 2008

Robert Amsterdam explains why the Kremlin may prefer John McCain as the next U.S. president and notes that “Mr. Putin and others should be careful what they wish for.”

Ukraine: Critique of a Text on NATO Membership

  22 September 2008

The 8th Circle posts a detailed critique of Jeffrey Tayler’s piece in The Atlantic: “[…] in the process of attempting to make the case against Ukraine’s membership in NATO, Tayler resorts (consciously or not) to claims that are either: misleading or factually inaccurate and/or are highly improbable to be true...

Ukraine: MTV and Domestic Violence

  22 September 2008

Natalia Antonova links to her piece on GlobalComment about “MTV Ukraine and the normalization of domestic violence.” LJ user maryxmas has translated Antonova's text into Ukrainian; a Russian translation is posted in the feministki LJ community.

Ukraine: Overcoming political stalemate?

  22 September 2008

Foreign Notes posts a translation of an article by Party of Regions’ (PoR) Andriy Kluyev, calling for renewed efforts in forming a solid and long-term Ukrainian government – presumably a PoR-Tymoshenko coalition.

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