· July, 2006

Stories about Eastern & Central Europe from July, 2006

Ukraine: Relying on Contradictory Reports

  26 July 2006

LEvko of Foreign Notes points out a serious problem one encounters when attempting to follow Ukrainian politics: “Tracking events in Ukrainian politics is often confusing because of conflicting and contradictory reports and comments given by the media, and by leaders and spokesmen from differing political parties.”

Belarus: Milinkevich Detained

  26 July 2006

Andrei Khrapavitski reports that opposition leader Aleksandr Milinkevich got detained by the traffic police in the town of Polatsk. [UPDATE: Milinkevich has been released.]

Belarus: A Youth Movement and Other Enemies

  26 July 2006

TOL's Belarus Blog writes about a new oppositional youth movement, Bunt, and the current regime's actions against its activists. Also, there's an entry about an attack on a Latvian diplomat in Minsk.

Russia: Disagreements Over Beslan Memorial

  25 July 2006

Founder of PravdaBeslana.ru Marina Litvinovich (LJ user abstract2001) writes (RUS) about one of the problems that survivors and relatives of those who died in Beslan in September 2004 have to deal with now: Orthodox Christianity in Beslan I've always been amazed by how the local authorities in North Ossetia and...

Venezuela, Belarus: Chavez Meets Lukashenko

  25 July 2006

Daniel Duquenal tries to make sense of Chavez's visit to Belarus where he met with Lukashenko. Duquenal also translates an excerpt about Western Hemispheric leaders from a recent interview with Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes.

Latvia: More on Gay Pride/No Pride

  25 July 2006

All About Latvia exposes nopride.lv, a homophobic Latvian group that claims to be not responsible for Saturday's attacks. Stefan of Dykun provides links and comment on “Riga's Gay Pride and Latvia's Shame.”

Serbia: Ceca the Pop Star

  25 July 2006

Florian Bieber of East Ethnia writes about Ceca, a Serbian pop star, and her new album, Ideally Bad: “From gangster bride to heroic widow and Serbian J-Lo, she demonstrated a better sense of where Serbia is going than some political analyst.”

Estonia: Tallinn Vs Tartu

  25 July 2006

Giustino of Itching for Eestimaa writes about two Estonian city, Tallinn and Tartu: “Tartu is like a confectioners paradise compared to Tallinn.”

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