· May, 2006

Stories about Montenegro from May, 2006

Serbia & Montenegro: Referendum's Potential Consequences

  31 May 2006

Srdjan Cvijic of The TransAtlantic Assembly writes on potential geopolitical consequences of the Montenegro vote: “Independence of Montenegro, inevitable nourishes independence aspirations of other territorial entities across Europe and the World.”

Serbia & Montenegro: Photos of the Missing Albanians of Kosovo

  29 May 2006

Doug Muir of A Fistful of Euros writes about a wall of photos of 2,000 missing Albanians next to the government building in Pristina, Kosovo, the story behind these photos and their significance: “Kosovo: just because nobody’s paying attention, doesn’t mean it’s gone away.”

Serbia & Montenegro: Belgrade Pictures

  26 May 2006

annabengan of Tirana-based annasblog posts photos from her recent trip to Belgrade: “We went to Serbia a week end to visit Belgrade. Cheap tickets from Tirana, leaving early Saturday morning and coming back late Monday night (May 1st).”

Serbia & Montenegro: Kosovo Documentaries

  26 May 2006

Mat Savelli of Roma Roma notes two documentaries on Kosovo, one of which is a must-see: “Easily the best documentary produced on ex-Yugo that I have ever seen, the film covered the issue from a broader regional perspective, i.e. correctly.”

Serbia & Montenegro: Life After Referendum

  25 May 2006

Eric Gordy of East Ethnia writes on what to expect now that the referendum in Montenegro has taken place: “There is the possibility that I may arrive to one country and leave from another. The independence referendum in Montenegro appears to have succeeded, just barely, in one of those underwhelming...

Lithuania: Eurovision Mania

Andy H of Csikszereda Musings writes about the Eurovision Song Contest, which he watched in Lithuania this year: “Lithuania got maximum points from Ireland, in what I thought was testament to the Irish love of a good joke, but was told today that it’s because there are loads of Lithuanians...

Serbia & Montenegro: Karadzic's Hiding Place

Balkan Ghost of Finding Karadzic writes that Montenegrin politicians have succeeded in convincing the world and the world media “that Karadzic was Serbia's problem and not theirs”: “Today, newly independent Montenegro is seen by the world as the “next Croatia,” a country that will quickly become prosperous and European through...

Montenegro: “It Looks Like Europe Has a New Country”

This past Sunday, 55.4 percent of the voters of Montenegro, the smallest of the six former Yugoslav republics (population slightly over 600,000), decided in favor of independence – by a narrow margin of 0.4%, in a heavy turnout. Below are some bloggers’ reactions to the May 21 referendum results. Doug...

Serbia & Montenegro: Upcoming Referendum

  16 May 2006

As Montenegro prepares for a referendum that will decide whether the tiny republic withdraws from federal union with Serbia, a heated discussion is taking place in the comments section at Kosovareport on whether the possible changes are worth it or not.

Serbia, Bulgaria: EU Race

Brooke, “a temporary Serb” and author of Desperate Serbwife believes that Bulgaria is “boring” and “certainly not ready for the EU”: “At least you feel like you're in Europe when you're in Belgrade, even if things are still creaking their way out of the decade of conflict. It's simply not...

Russia: Expat Living

  5 May 2006

Nancy Case of Case In Point writes on how tragic events in one part of the world may affect dining plans of American expats living in another part of the world.

Serbia & Montenegro: Pro-European Rally Planned For May 9

  4 May 2006

A protest is being planned in Serbia on May 9, writes Belgrade Blog, and it is being advertised by means of SMS: “”In '92. they told us that the sanctions will last two weeks. Today, Mladic is more important to them than all of us! PROTEST – SERBIA TO EUROPE!...