· April, 2006

Stories about Montenegro from April, 2006

Serbia & Montenegro: Posters of War Criminals

  17 April 2006

Eric Gordy of East Ethnia writes how two Danish artists have responded to the neofascist posters supporting war criminal Ratko Mladic in Belgrade. He also replies with dignity and sarcasm to an abusive anonymous commenter. Balkan Ghost of Finding Karadzic has received a mock poster of another war criminal, Radovan...

Slovenia: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

  12 April 2006

Michael of The Glory of Carniola posts a video clip of the Slovenian version of Who wants to be a millionaire?, in which a contestant fails to answer the first question. Also, a past highlight of the Serbian version of the show.

Serbia & Montenegro: Visa Regime

  6 April 2006

Viktor of Belgrade Blog writes about what it takes for an average Serb to get a visa to travel to the EU. He also has an advice to those who are visiting Serbia: “Fact: more than 70 percent of Serbian students never traveled outside the country borders. […] So, when...