· June, 2010

Stories about North Macedonia from June, 2010

Slovenia: Referendum on the Arbitration Agreement

  11 June 2010

Sleeping With Pengovsky writes – here and here – about this past Sunday's referendum on the Arbitration Agreement between Slovenia and Croatia; posts Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 of The Definitive Guide to the Arbitrage Agreement Between Slovenia and Croatia (links to the earlier installments are here); and...

Macedonia: Singing Skopjans Cover Footbal World Cup Anthem

  7 June 2010

Singing Skopjans celebrated [MKD] the start of the Football World Cup in South Africa by singing its anthem, “Waving Flag,” because they “realized that the Somali K'naan managed to slip a powerful social song to FIFA and Coca-Cola, which fits perfectly with the current situation in Skopje.”

Macedonia: Programmers’ Salaries

  7 June 2010

Instant Expert writes [MKD] about monthly salaries of software developers in Macedonia: from juniors (EUR 200), to analysts (EUR 350), to seniors (EUR 500+), to “rock stars” (EUR 1000+%). Ping.mk user miopa disagreed [MKD], saying that the figures for seniors are underestimated, suspecting a hidden agenda to persuade programmers to...

Macedonia: Legislative Changes Raise Privacy Concerns

  3 June 2010

Human rights activists and Internet users criticize recent controversial initiatives by the Macedonian Government to increase its legal powers of surveillance. Backed by a comfortable majority in the Parliament, the authorities show little interest in transparent and accountable public debate on this issue.

Macedonia: NGO Figts Autism Stigma

  1 June 2010

Vlado Trajkovski, president of the Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism, confessed on his blog that even though the NGO has conducted a successful workshop for autistic children [MKD], in which they created paintings to be sold at a charity auction, only 8 out of 60 invited families responded. According to...

Macedonia: Remnants of the Yugoslav Legacy

  1 June 2010

Sead Dzigal reminds readers [MKD] that after “the death” of the .yu domain [SER] this past March, the term ‘Yugoslavia’ officially survives on the international scene only in the provisional reference the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and the title of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, which...