· July, 2008

Stories about North Macedonia from July, 2008

Macedonia: More on Discrimination Against Gamers

  26 July 2008

Filip Stojanovski of Razvigor :-) thinks discrimination against Macedonian gamers is part of a bigger problem: “[…] Regardless if a person considers oneself a gamer or not, I think they should become concerned by the pattern of discrimination labeling group by group as abnormal, wasteful, and dangerous even. And this...

Blogger of the week: Elena Ignatova

  20 July 2008

Today's Blogger of the Week series is taking us to Macedonia, a small country in Europe that some people might not even have heard of but that has a thriving blogosphere. We talked to Elena Ignatova, editor of both Global Voices in Macedonian and in Albanian, about her involvement with Global Voices, the Macedonian blogosphere and her work as an internet activist, among other things.

Macedonia: Traditional Media Demonize Gamers

  18 July 2008

Two influential Macedonian media outlets, Dnevnik daily and A1 TV, have recently published technophobic articles portraying the gamers as menace to society, using language bordering on hate speech. Filip Stojanovski reviews the reactions of Macedonian bloggers.

Macedonia: American Girls Gone Global

  18 July 2008

The American authors of the travel blog Girls Gone Global received much attention from Macedonian readers (including those who use the link sharing service Kajmak.ot), who praised their insightful observations of the Macedonian Fun Quotient and everyday impressions.

CEE: World's Youngest Leaders List

  15 July 2008

Veni Markovski writes about CEE individuals who've made it on the World’s 10 Youngest Leaders list of the Foreign Affairs Magazine: Bulgarian PM Sergei Stanishev, Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski, Russian president Dmitry Medvedev.