· May, 2008

Stories about North Macedonia from May, 2008

Australia: Ethnic Macedonian Protest

  26 May 2008

S.M. of Macedonia: Cradle of Culture, Land of Nature posted photos and videos from the recent protest of over 30,000 ethnic Macedonians in Australia, who demanded that their government stop using derogatory prefixes when referring to the Republic of Macedonia and ethnic Macedonians.

Macedonia: Use of New Media in Election Campaign

  23 May 2008

Authors of the Macedonian media blog Komunikacii.net analyzed the "unprecedented" use of the internet and the new media by the leading political parties in the campaign for the early parliamentary elections, scheduled for June 1, 2008. Filip Stojanovski has translated the post from Macedonian.

Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria: Zorba the Greek

  23 May 2008

Greater Surbiton quotes from Nikos Kazantzakis‘ “Zorba the Greek”: “Given current Greek policy toward Macedonia, it is illuminating to read the words that Kazantzakis placed in the mouth of this most popular of Greek fictional heroes when the latter described his role in the Greek struggle to colonise Macedonia […].”

Macedonia: Greek Pacifists’ Visit

  21 May 2008

Anastas Vangeli posted his impressions of the anti-nationalistic and anti-militaristic Greek-Macedonian Dialogue which took place last Saturday – in Macedonian and English. The participants were branded as traitors in the Greek media, and the Metropolitan of the Greek Orthodox Church put an anathema on them in his Sunday sermon.

Macedonia: Bloggers Emphasize Need for Open Communication with Greece

  15 May 2008

Amid the internal turmoil caused by Greek actions to block Macedonia's accession to NATO and the EU, and due to an increasing number of reports of attacks over Macedonian truck drivers by nationalist mobs in Greece, many Macedonian bloggers are attempting to bridge the gap of ignorance existing between the two nations.

Macedonia: Sakura – Cherry Blossom Celebration in Skopje

  6 May 2008

Even though very few ethnic Japanese live in the Republic of Macedonia, many locals took part in the second annual celebration of Sakura - the festival of cherry blossoms in Macedonia's capital, Skopje. Organizers of the festivals included some prominent bloggers who recently started a collaborative blog, Japan@mk, and initiated spreading the word through the Macedonian blogosphere.