· June, 2007

Stories about North Macedonia from June, 2007

Croatia: “Feral Tribune” Shuts Down

  20 June 2007

Last week, Croatian finance ministry froze bank accounts of the region’s legendary political weekly, Feral Tribune, due to 68,000 Euros of tax debt, forcing the publication to close. "The only independent journal on the Balkans has now been silenced," wrote one Serbian blogger. Sinisa Boljanovic has more on the causes and the significance of this loss.

The Balkans: Bush's Watch and Stereotypes

  14 June 2007

Belgrade 2.0 looks at the generalizations and stereotypes revealed by the George W. Bush's stolen watch episode: “…the biggest reason for everyone to be happy – is that this confirms one big stereotype: Albanians are all thieves, and furthermore, everyone in the Balkans is just waiting for the opportunity to...

Former Yugoslavia: Auschwitz Pavilion

  14 June 2007

East Ethnia visits the Yugoslavia pavilion at Auschwitz and writes: “Since the country that designed the exhibit no longer exists, and since the museum site does not have extra barracks for the countries that have come about in the meantime, the Yugoslav pavilion will probably remain a fascinating relic of...

The Balkans: One Man's War Stories

  14 June 2007

Balkanizer runs the first installment of a story of one man's war experiences: “I was nine years old when Germany invaded Yugoslavia. I was 60 years when war came again to my village in Bosnia.”