· September, 2007

Stories about Latvia from September, 2007

The Baltics: KGB Documents Online

  4 September 2007

For those interested in “the darkest pages of the history of the Soviet occupation of the Baltic states,” some of the relevant KGB documents are now available online, Lituanica reports.

Latvia, Russia: Language Issue

  4 September 2007

Marginalia writes on the “language issue” in Latvia – and in Russia: “Over at the corner store, after years of learning to shop in Russian, I finally asked whether the cashier ever planned to learn the word for milk in Latvian (it being emblazoned in large letters on every carton...

Latvia: Economic Problems

  4 September 2007

Latvian Abroad argues – here and here – that it is unlikely that Latvia would experience an economic crisis similar to the one in East Asia a decade ago.