· April, 2009

Stories about Czech Republic from April, 2009

Czech Republic: Blog Roundup

  28 April 2009

A Czech roundup: Czechmatediary – on the new translation of the Bible into contemporary Czech and on Albert Einstein's Prague connection; CzechFolks.com – on xenophobia, job market, and the Brno Expats Forum online community; The Journeys of Captain Oddsocks – on bone churches and the liberation of Plzeň 64 years...

Europe: Obama's Visit

  7 April 2009

Obama in Europe roundup: thoughts on Obama-Putin meeting and arms control – at Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces; BBC's Mark Mardell on Obama in Prague – here, here and here; notes on the Prague visit and link to Obama's speech – at Czechmatediary; The Reference Frame notes, among other things, that...