· March, 2009

Stories about Czech Republic from March, 2009

Czech Republic: Government Loses No Confidence Vote

  25 March 2009

Dr. Sean's Diary writes about “he first time a Czech government has been unseated by a vote of confidence since 1989 and, if I'm not mistaken, ever in modern Czech history.” Eternal Remont is pleading: “Oh Czech Republic, do NOT go Ukraine on us…please.”

Czech Republic: The Crisis and the Media

  14 March 2009

The Czech Daily Word doesn't like the Czech media's approach to the coverage of the crisis: “But I think it is more than obvious by now that the more extensive and detailed coverage of anything where the word crisis is mentioned, the more people will, well, freak out.”

Czech Republic: “We care about Tibet”

  14 March 2009

The Czech Daily Word writes: “The famous flag can be seen on various buildings all over Brno once again. Institutions, public or private companies and even individuals display it to say We care about Tibet.”

Czech Republic: Internet Outage

  4 March 2009

CzechFolks.com writes about “a careless but simple mistake” made by “an employee of an Internet service provider company SuproNet in Uhersky Brod,” which “caused an Internet outage mostly in Spain, Belgium, New Zealand, Egypt, China, and the USA.”