· February, 2009

Stories about Czech Republic from February, 2009

Czech Republic: Prague Filming Fees

  23 February 2009

The Czech Daily Word writes that “Budapest, Vienna and other cities” are likely to replace Prague as “a favorite spot for American filmmakers” – due to newly-introduced filming fees.

Russia, U.S.: Biden's Remarks in Munich

  11 February 2009

Transatlantic Politics writes: “So Biden has made quite an impact with his “hit the reset button” with Russia remark at the Munich security conference over the week-end. But this comes as bad news for Eastern European countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic or Romania – hailed as “special partners”...

Czech Republic: Trains

  3 February 2009

CzechFolks.com writes about the Bohemian Train and efforts to improve the image of the Czech Railways.