· July, 2008

Stories about Czech Republic from July, 2008

Czech Republic: Expensive Water

  31 July 2008

The Czech Daily Word reports on how Czech restaurants are making money on drinking water: “Generally speaking the purchase prices for a .3L bottle of water in wholesale is CZK 4 (yes, FOUR), but if you go to a restaurant, a coffee house or a similar place, you pay CZK...

Russia, US: A Cuba Crisis in the Making

  26 July 2008

Der Spiegelfechter (GER) comments on rumours in Moscow, according to which Russia might station strategic bombers on Cuba in reply to deployment of the US missile defence system to Poland and the Czech Republic. Is it a new Cuba crisis in the making?

Czech Republic: Radar Treaty

  8 July 2008

The Reference Frame writes about the signing of the Czech-U.S. radar treaty – and notes that “among internet […] users, 3/5 of the people do agree with the radar.”