· June, 2008

Stories about Czech Republic from June, 2008

Europe: Ideas for Cold War Museum

  18 June 2008

The Economist's Ceratin Ideas of Europe blog welcomes exhibit ideas for a Cold War museum that may be built “on a site near the old ‘Checkpoint Charlie’ border-crossing point in Berlin.” One reader suggests “a section on anti-communist humour.”

Czech Republic: Greenpeace's “Peaceland”

  16 June 2008

“The last reason for taking the Greenpeace seriously is gone,” comments The Czech Daily Word on the Greenpeace activists’ initiative to declare independence of the Czech military installation where a U.S. National Defense System radar is to be built.

Europe: Geographic Confusion

  3 June 2008

The Czech Daily Word reports that John McCain “still thinks that Czechoslovakia exists.” Lituanica reports that “the Czech-Moravia Football Federation officially apologized to the Lithuanian Football Federation and Lithuania’s Embassy in Prague for playing the national anthem of Lithuania’s neighbouring Baltic State Latvia during a friendly match between the Lithuanian...