· February, 2008

Stories about Czech Republic from February, 2008

Czech Republic: Foreign Minister

  29 February 2008

The Czech Daily Word writes about the Czech foreign minister, whose full title is “His Serene Highness The Prince of Schwarzenberg, Count of Sulz, Princely Landgrave in Klettgau and Duke of Krummau.”

Czech Republic: Still Some More on the Election

  25 February 2008

Belatedly, another link on the presidential election in the Czech Republic: The Reference Frame writes that “one of Klaus's numerous tasks in the second term will be to abolish the global warming religion in the European Union that will be under the Czech Republic presidency in H1 of 2009.”

Czech Republic: Klaus Re-Elected

  18 February 2008

Rather belatedly, a link to the post by The Czech Daily Word, announcing that the Czech president Vaclav Klaus won the election: “Klaus got 141 votes, which is exactly the threshold he needed.”

Czech Republic: Presidential Election 2

  11 February 2008

More coverage of the Czech presidential election – at The Czech Daily Word – here, here and here: “I swear, if we don’t have the direct vote by 2013, I will go and live naked in the bushes on U.S. Virgin Islands.”

Czech Republic: Presidential Election 1

  11 February 2008

Dr. Sean's Diary writes about “farce and deadlock” of the Czech presidential election – here and here: “Then we get to voting proper – sort of. In the best Czech traditions, deputies and senators actually spend the next nine hours trying to agree procedural questions – whether they will vote...