· October, 2007

Stories about Czech Republic from October, 2007

Czech Rebublic: Oglo/Blog Day

  12 October 2007

NvB: Bored in Brno? celebrated Blog Day belatedly, on Oct. 9: “I've decided to rename it since 09/10 looks more like “Oglo” than “blog,” but in case that's too confusing we can just call it Blog Day Observed.”

Czech Rebublic: Radar Base, Pro and Con

  12 October 2007

Petr Bokuvka of The Czech Daily Word argues that the Brdy Mountains villagers should welcome the U.S. radar base: “They know they can live without the base and they refuse to even consider what they could do after the base is built. Not just with the money their municipalities receive,...

Czech Rebublic: “Switched at Birth”

  12 October 2007

“For almost a year two couples took care of a newborn baby that was not theirs. According to several Czech dailies the babies were mistakenly switched moments after the birth because of a negligent nurse,” reports Petr Bokuvka of The Czech Daily Word – here and here.