· July, 2007

Stories about Czech Republic from July, 2007

Czech Rebublic: Same-Sex Partnerships

  21 July 2007

Belatedly, a link to the post on the first anniversary of legalization of same-sex partnerships in the Czech Republic – at NvB: Bored in Brno?: “[…] 346 same-sex couples were united during the year. Of that number, at least two of the pairs have already divorced.”

Czech Rebublic: Surgical Castration

  21 July 2007

NvB: Bored in Brno? writes on surgical castration used to treat sex offenders – something that looks like “population engineering and thinly veiled eugenics” – and on the attitudes toward sex in the Czech Republic in general.

Europe: Zhoriben/Contact for Roma

  10 July 2007

TOL's Romantic writes about Zhoriben.net, a social utility meant “to strengthen the contacts among Roma worldwide, and to strengthen also the presence of Roma on the Web.”