· June, 2007

Stories about Czech Republic from June, 2007

Czech Rebublic: Panorama Blast

  22 June 2007

Arellanes.com offers a theory on how the Czech pranksters managed to insert footage of a nuclear blast into the regular live footage of the Czech countryside on a state-owned TV channel.

Eastern & Central Europe: U.S. States’ GDPs

  21 June 2007

U.S. states have been renamed for countries with similar GDPs and the new map has been posted at Strange Maps: Russia is New Jersey, Ukraine is Idaho, Belarus is Alaska, Poland is Missouri, Czech Republic is Nebraska, Hungary is New Mexico, Romania is Delaware, Croatia is South Dakota.

Eastern Europe: Trouble With the Presidents

  8 June 2007

An Alaskan Abroad notes on how CNN got the Czech president's name wrong: Klaus Topolanek instead of Vaclav Klaus. (Mirek Topolanek is the Czech premier.) Also, a photo from Kyiv, of an anti-Yushchenko protest sign that says Ukraine's president should be sent off to Alaska, of all places.