· September, 2006

Stories about Czech Republic from September, 2006

Czech Republic: Zlin

  13 September 2006

NvB: Bored in Brno? posts pictures and video from the town of Zlin: “The town is worth seeing, particularly if you're a fan of twentieth-century functionalist and utilitarian architecture. It turned out that my visit was on the weekend of the 13th annual Festival of Wind Orchestras and Folklore Ensembles.”

Czech Republic: “You Get Nothing If You Don't Ask”

  11 September 2006

NvB: Bored in Brno? writes about a Czech proverb about assertiveness – “you get nothing if you don't ask” – and its “unCzechness”: “Czechs are some of the quietest people in public that I've ever met. Sometimes this is carried to a fault.”

Poland: The Week's News Selection

  8 September 2006

In the past week, the beatroot has covered these subjects: a Polish goalkeeper in “the wonderful world of Scottish sectarian football”; 26 years later, something's wrong with the Polish Solidarnosc; a missile defense competition between Polish and Czech governments that both “would rather lose”; Elton John meets Lech Walesa at...