· August, 2006

Stories about Czech Republic from August, 2006

Czech Republic: Socialist Grocery Store

  21 August 2006

My Czech Republic Blog writes about a “socialist grocery store” project run by a Czech newspaper: “For at least a year, readers have been sending in photos of the products that all of us who grew up in pre-1989 Czechoslovakia know and remember with that inexplicable fondness and nostalgia.”

Czech Republic: Tit-For-Tat At the Border

  9 August 2006

Douglas Arellanes writes on how his mother nearly failed to enter the Czech Republic because her passport was to expire in fewer than 90 days: “Her passport expires in October, but apparently in an effort at tit-for-tat over the continuation of visa requirements for Czechs who want to visit the...

Czech Republic: Folk Music Festival

  2 August 2006

Jesse of Bored in Brno shares his impressions of the folk music festival he attended last week: “Overall, I give this festival the highest recommendation of any that I've been to so far.”