· October, 2008

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from October, 2008

Taiwan: Huge crowd at 1025 protest

  27 October 2008

Several media outlets reported that 600,000 people attended the 1025 Safeguard Taiwan protest on Saturday in Taipei. A-gu live blogged on the protest tracking the news reports of several TV channels. Travels around Taiwan had a post featuring photos of some of the signs at the protest. Memories of Past...

Taiwan: Protest to defend Sovereignty

  27 October 2008

Claudia Jean blogs photos of the weekend protest organized by Democratic Progressive Party against the president Ma Ying-jeou concerning his policy towards China.

Taiwan: Protests against ARATS Vice-Chairman

  22 October 2008

Zhang Mingqing, vice chairman of China's Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait (ARATS), encountered protests as he visited Tainan for an academic conference. Michael Turton analyses media coverage of the protests. Fili also looks at what happened.

Thai and Taiwanese protesters

  21 October 2008

Christian Schafferer compares the tactics, practices and ideologies of Thai and Taiwanese protesters. Check also the interesting pictures inside the protest camps in Bangkok.

Taiwan: Xinhua reporters and intelligence gathering

  17 October 2008

The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato writes about the resumption of the posting of Xinhua News Agency and People’s Daily correspondents in Taiwan. He argues that this will add to Beijing's intelligence gathering capacity in Taiwan.

Taiwan: An online protest against the American Institute in Taiwan

  16 October 2008

After being denied a U.S. tourist visa in September, Taiwanese artist Chen Chieh-jen started a website against the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) called, "I suspect that you intend to stow away to the U.S.". Here people share their stories of being mistreated by officials and denied entry to the United States.

Taiwan: Government Interferes with Media

  10 October 2008

Michael Turton looks at how the KMT government is attempting to control content at the public media institutions (PTS, RTI and CNA). He follows up with details of the response from the International Federation of Journalists. Claudia Jean gives examples of more broader attacks by the KMT on freedom of...

Taiwan: Sticker Action

  10 October 2008

A website has been set up for bloggers to launch sticker action in Taiwan. A most popular sticker is “this blog doesn't contain melamine!” (a total of 805 stickers counted).