· July, 2008

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from July, 2008

Formoz Festival 2008: Don't wanna say goodbye

  30 July 2008

Here is wikipedia's explanation of the annual Formoz Festival: The annual Formoz Festival, Spring Scream, and Gung-liao Ho-hai-yan Rock Festival are representative gatherings within Taiwan's indie scene. Of these, Formoz Festival is notable for its international draw. Facing the threat of typhoon Phoenix, lots of people still decided to attend...

Taiwan: Observations on Yahoo! Taiwan's search filter

  20 July 2008

We hear about issues on censorship a lot on Global Voices Online and our Advocacy Project, and most of the cases come from Government policies or business self-censorship because of Government policies. However, fierce business competition can sometimes result in censorship...or a kind of.

Japan: Chinese Novelist wins Akutagawa Award

  18 July 2008

On Tuesday, the Akutagawa Award for Fiction, considered the most prestigious literary prize in Japan, was awarded to Chinese novelist Yang Yi for her work, “Tokiga nijimu asa”. Yang, who was born in Harbin and whose native language is Chinese, learned Japanese after she came to Japan in 1987. In this post, reactions to the award in Japanese and Chinese media, blogs and forums.

Taiwan: Blog and Ads

  17 July 2008

PipperL sums up the recent discussion among bloggers on the issue of Blog Ads, such as, whether blogger should explicitly tell the readers that the post is an ads.

Taiwan: Conflict over Diaoyutai Islands

  2 July 2008

On June 11, a Taiwanese recreational fishing boat United(聯合號) sank following a collision with a Japanese coastguard vessel 11km off the disputed Diaoyutai(釣魚台) (Japan: Senkaku) islands, an island chain simultaneously claimed by Taiwan, Japan and China. Passengers and crew on the sinking boat were picked up by Japan. Shortly after,...