· May, 2008

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from May, 2008

Taiwan: Oil Free, Bike Smiling Day

  29 May 2008

David on Formosa reported on the Bike Smiling Day event in Taipei on May 25 with photo. The oil price is skyrocketing all over the world as well as in Taiwan, and the carbon emission produced by transportation is also causing serious environmental problems in Taiwan, especially in crowded cities,...

China and Taiwan: Cement Board Partition

  19 May 2008

In the Sichuan earthquake, many new school buildings had fallen apart. Thousands of school kids lost their lives. Hsueh, a taiwanese blogger, explained in details, the danger of cement board partition in modern construction [zh].

Taiwan: What can a baseball do?

  5 May 2008

There are some Taiwanese playing in Major League Baseball: Chin-Feng Chen in Dodgers from 2002-2005, Chin-Lung Hu in Dodgers, Hong-Chih Kuo in Dodgers, Chin-Hui Tsao in Royals, and Chien-Ming Wang in Yankees. Although they are loved by Taiwanese, these baseball stars are not the focus of this article. Here are...