· April, 2008

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from April, 2008

Taiwan: What is the dream we have in the Olympic Game?

  23 April 2008

Before an ancient Olympic Game, ancient Greek people ignited a torch before Temple of Olympian Zeus.[...] The torch holder would run and shout, 'stop wars to join the Olympics!' Where the torch went, where the war stopped.[...] Greek people went to the Olympic Game, and they forgot hatred and war. As a result, torch, which is a tool for sending signals, becomes a symbol for peace, light, and friendship.

Taiwan: 314 and 228

  14 April 2008

winddriver compares the 314 Tibet incident with the 228 incident in Taiwan [zh].

Taiwan: Ma Worships at the Tomb

  8 April 2008

Michael Turton comments on the newly elected president Ma Ying-jeou's visit to Chiang Kai-shek‘s mausoleum to commemorate the anniversary of the his death.