· February, 2008

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from February, 2008

Taiwan: No City for Old Aborigines

  27 February 2008

The first Presidential debate powered by citizen media platform Peopo was held on Feb 24. Two candidates running for President answers 20 questions raised by citizens who use Youtube-like video clips to express their wishes and problems.

Taiwan: Land Right

  27 February 2008

A Taiwanese aboriginal group, hunter motion, calls for an action on 28 of February to defend their right to preserve their hunting life style in their own land. The group has an advocacy blog for recording their activities.

Taiwan: Hope Map Project

  27 February 2008

A month before the presidential election, a group of internet and new media activists launched a hope map project for visualizing common hopes for Taiwan future.

Taiwan: Polls on Hsieh-Ma Debate

  26 February 2008

Michael Turton comments on local reports and polls after the televised debate on budget plan between two presidential candidates: Frank Hsieh and Ma Ying-jeou.

Taiwan: Photo Talks

  25 February 2008

A new website called veryXD is becoming very popular in Taiwan. Visitors are encourage to write caption for the photos and share with others.

Taiwan: Release Netizen!

  21 February 2008

The Hong Kong sexy photo gate effect has extended to Taiwan. Police has arrested a netizen who shared photos with others under local obscenity censorship law. Portnoy pointed out that the police has no power to define the nature of the photos, and Taiwanese has the right to enjoy pleasure....

China: Taiwan and Kosovo

  20 February 2008

Taiwan's Foreign Minister announced its recognition of Kosovo as an independent country, China Foreign Affair spoke person responded that Taiwan is not in position to give “recognition” to Kosovo. Bonnae from 1510.com pointed out that Kosovo's independence has put China into an embarrassing situation and Taiwan's attitude is also hitting...

Taiwan: Questions to Presidential Candidates

  13 February 2008

With the upcoming presidential election in Taiwan on March 22nd, televised debates will be held on February 24th and March 9th.  Following the Youtube example in the United States, at the first debate, two presidential candidates will answer 20 video questions selected from Peopo website[zh].  Voters in Taiwan are welcomed to make their own 30-second...

East Asia: Early Modern Periodization

  7 February 2008

Morgan Pitelka from frog in a well blogs about a symposium on “early modern” periodization in East Asia. There is an interesting debate about comparative history.