· October, 2007

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from October, 2007

Japan: Taiwanese chorus music to the ears

  25 October 2007

A video of an auditorium in Taiwan featuring 258 Taiwanese people watching and singing along to the lyrics of Japanese anime songs became a hit in Japan earlier this week after it was uploaded to a popular video sharing website, attracting over 120,000 views and nearly as many comments. A Japanese blogger considers how this kind of connection can bring Japan and Taiwan closer together.

Taiwan and Burma: Burmese Chinese in Taiwan

  23 October 2007

Coolloud has an interview with a Burmese Chinese, Yeung Yong Zhou. In the past, his family considered Taiwan as their mother country; however, when he started his study in Taiwan, he felt bitter about the debate on the definition of “Taiwanese”. Now that he has got the right of abode...

Taiwan: 2007 Taiwan Pride Parade

  19 October 2007

On October 13th, the fifth Taiwan Pride Parade took place in the eastern district of Taipei. Close to fifteen thousand people joined in this activity. The theme this year is “Rainbow Power.” Participants are divided into seven groups, wearing and holding seven different colors to form a huge rainbow on...

Taiwan: “Lust, Cautioin” and Debate on Patriotic traitor

  18 October 2007

As Ethan Hunt said in her blog (zh), Ang Lee's Lust, Caution aroused a debate on re-appraisal of the “patriotic traitors” during the anti-Japanese war (1937-1945) in Taiwan. The blogger has scanned a debate between two Taiwan scholars Lung Ying Tai and Wang Yongzu in her blog. Lung rereads the...

China: Reporting 17 Party Congress

  17 October 2007

Rose Liu compared reporters’ concern on the 17th Party Congress (zh): western media's concern is more substantial than Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau's media. The former pay attention to economic and political reform, while the latter concerned about Hong Kong and Macau policy… as for me, I felt that the...

China: Gamer flag controversy

  16 October 2007

Liu You-chen, a Taiwanese E-sport player, suddenly displayed a Republic of China flag while he accepted a bronze medal at the award ceremony of World Cyber Games (WCG) 2007, which took place in Seattle USA. The actions immediately infuriated the players like Sha Junchun (aka PJ) and Li Xiaofeng (aka...

Taiwan: Freeway Project

  12 October 2007

Michael Turton blogs about a 89 km freeway project between Suao and Hualien. The project has been opposed by environmental groups but back to agenda after the recent typhoon attack.

China: Sorry To Taiwan Fellow

  11 October 2007

Yesterday (October 10) is the national day of Republic of China. Bonnae from 1510.com takes the opportunity to say sorry to fellows in Taiwan. In respond to the news that Taiwan winner of the World Cyber Games was verbally assaulted by Mainland Chinese participants as he showed the nation's flag...