· September, 2007

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from September, 2007

Taiwan: Whose land?

  29 September 2007

The indigenous Smangus people consider a wind-fall beech tree is in their territory, but the Forestry Bureau doesn't agree. Bloggers discuss, how do we decide who is the owner of the land?

China and Taiwan: Lust, Caution

  25 September 2007

Lee Ang's latest movie is about to release. K. M. Lawson from Frog in a well writes the debates and historical background of the movie. ESWN also posts a translation of a Taiwan cultural critics Lung Ying tai's reading of the movie story.

Taiwan: Flickr.tw

  24 September 2007

CK received a letter from a lawyer representing Flickr. The letter demands him to close the website and hand over the domain flickr.tw (zh) back to Yahoo! because it has violated the company's trademark. Many Taiwan bloggers criticized Yahoo! for its legal action. In Hemidemi's bookmark (zh), some comments point...

Taiwan: Losheng 911

  13 September 2007

Yesterday, Taiwan police forced into Losheng Sanatorium and evicted student and preservation activists. A video, Losheng 911, recording the history of Losheng struggle and the protest and eviction scenes has been put up in dailymotion. Coolloud had a citizen reporter account on the eviction (zh).

Taiwan: Pacific Humpback Dolphin Workshop

  7 September 2007

Michael Turton wrote an elaborative report on the “Second International Workshop on the Conservation and Research Needs of the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins, Sousa chinensis, in the waters of western Taiwan”. The workshop had some detailed discussion about politics in environmental impact assessment.

Taiwan: It's all online games’ fault?

  1 September 2007

A fifteen-year-old teenager boy committed suicide because his parents no longer allowed him to play online games. Old Yuan and Old Yin doubt about the lack of teenagers’ voices(zh) on mainstream media reports, and Mr. Friday is questioning whether the problem is from Internet indulging as many report has inserted,...