· August, 2007

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from August, 2007

China: Guidebook On Being A Mistress

  24 August 2007

Wang Xiaofeng is reading a book about “second wife” or mistress (zh). It discusses about the phenomena of “second wife” in China from an economic view point. The writer was once a Taiwanese reporter who collected stories from Taiwan business circle.

Taiwan: The Gentrification of Shih-Da night market

  22 August 2007

Shih-Da night market is one of the most famous night markets in Taipei. (“Shih-Da”(師大) is the abbreviation of National Taiwan Normal University(國立台灣師範大學) in Chinese. The night market is right next to the university.) Its own exotic character is quite different from other night markets. This is because, for decades, many...

Taiwan: Ma's Corruption Case

  15 August 2007

Michael Turton summarized the verdict of former Taipei's Mayor, Ma Ying Jeou's corruption case with some comments: even more fundamental than the Blue-Green divide, this verdict was a case of the System protecting itself.

Taiwan: Thao Indigenous People

  14 August 2007

Esouth has a series of posts on the Thao indigenous people in Taiwan. There are 500 people left in Taiwan, less than 50 families. Because of the development of tourism, their distinctive culture is vanishing (zh). Here is a chronology of development projects since 1932 that ruined their living space...

Taiwan: What's Next After Wikimania 2007?

  11 August 2007

Wikimania 2007 at Taipei ended on August 5th. To members promoting Mediawiki in Taiwan, this international conference is a wonderful opportunity for exchanging ideas. Among organizers and contributors, we can find five IT-related research institutes in Taiwan...

Taiwan: From music to rice–the people and the earth

  1 August 2007

Due to the big music market and the hot music industry, Taiwanese love and are familiar with pop songs and different kinds of music. In Yun-Ru Shih's article, based on Miao-Ru Chien's research: 台灣流行音樂產業的崛起起始自七零年代的民歌運動,到了八零年代末、九零年代初迅速成長到五十億台幣,1996年破百億後,1997年更達到歷來最高的123億台幣,在全球唱片市場排名由第21位竄升至第13位,在亞洲排名第二(僅次於日本)。(簡妙如,2002) The pop music industry in Taiwan rose in the folk music movement in 1970s. At the...