· July, 2007

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from July, 2007

Taiwan: In memory of Yang Dechang

  17 July 2007

Chong has translated an article by Leung Man Tao at interlocals.net about a Taiwanese film director Yang Dechang who has recently passed away. The writer describes the director as a prophet not welcome by his country.

Japan: Asia-Pacific Internet Usage

  17 July 2007

Nicholls from Japundit reported on the first comprehensive review of Internet behavior covering 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific region released by comScore: The average person in the Asia-Pacific region visited the Internet on 13.8 days in the month and spent 20.2 hours viewing 2,171 pages.

China and Taiwan: Presidential House Debate

  12 July 2007

William long blogs a recent debate between China and Taiwan netizen on the marking of presidential house in google map (zh). Some mainland netizens marked the building “Fake Presidential House” and resulted in a debate among netizen across the border.

Taiwan: keep rowing–i-panga na 1001

  3 July 2007

海浪不斷翻開我的記憶,當我失去海洋給我的回憶時,就是我逐漸結束生命的日子。──夏曼‧藍波安《海浪的記憶》 My memory has been churned by the sea. The day my memory of the sea is lost is the day I am gradually dying. –My memory of the sea by Sharman Lanpoan (a poet in Lanyu) (photo courtesy of casyc23. The red and black circle at the head of...