· June, 2007

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from June, 2007

Taiwan: Fifth Day Festival

  27 June 2007

(photo courtesy of judie) Fifth Day Festival is another name for the Dragon Boat Festival or Duanwu Festival because it is May fifth in the lunar calendar (June 19th this year). There are different ways to interpret the festival's cultural events we hold. The ‘traditional’ interpretation is to commemorate a...

Taiwan: 《Voyage 15840》– the photo book powered by migrant worker

  21 June 2007

Voyage, means a period of trip to anywhere. 15840, it is the minimum wage for workers in Taiwan. However, for migrant workers in Taiwan, it means the “maximum”. By naming Voyage 15840, TIWA (Taiwan International Workers’ Association) gathered all the photo works from 19 migrant workers in Taiwan. They published...

Costa Rica: Breaking Relations with Taiwan and Starting with China

  19 June 2007

After 60 years of diplomatic ties with Taiwan, the Costa Rican government broke this relationship to begin a new one with China. Some bloggers see this as a positive commercial step for the country, while others think that Costa Rica prides itself on being a defender of human rights and freedom of speech and that this should not be compromised in exchange for access to markets.

China: Taiwanese tycoon behind Xiamen PX

  11 June 2007

Chong from interlocals translated an article from Yazhou Zhoukan about the background of the notorious Taiwanese tycoon operating behind the Xiamen PX project. Earlier in June, Xiamen citizens demonstrated against the construction of the chemical factory campus.

Taiwan: Matsu Temple

  8 June 2007

Michael Turton blogs some great photos of Matsu Temple in Daija, with some background about the significance of Matsu culture.

Israel: Food for Thought and Thoughts of Food

Food, whether it be descriptions of a favourite nosh (snack) or something you'd really prefer to never pass by your palette again, places to consume or acquire particular food items, preparations of said items, and what was occurring while food was being eaten, prepared, or just thought about provide frequent food for blogging content within the Israeli blogosphere, writes Yaeli.