· April, 2007

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from April, 2007

Taiwan: Crazy for Matsu

  30 April 2007

(Photo is from Arkun's flicker photo album.) Just like what Backlight53 said: 這禮拜中台灣都在瘋一件事,那就是–大甲媽祖遶境。 this week, there is one thing people in central Taiwan are crazy for. That is Da-jia Matsu's inspection. Based on Mei-Rong Lin's research, Matsu is the deity most commonly worshipped by Taiwanese people. Matsu's birthday falls on...

Taiwan: Youtube Censors anti WTO Protest Video

  26 April 2007

Blasts found out (zh) that Youtube has categorized an anti-WTO protest documentary as not suitable for viewers under 18: “This video may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as flagged by YouTube's user community. To view this video, please verify you are 18 or older by logging in...

Japan: Update on the Kokaryo Case

  25 April 2007

Mutantfrog Travelogue has posted a detailed update on the Kokaryo Chinese students dormitory in Kyoto, the subject of a longtime battle between Taiwan/The Republic of China (ROC) and the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the longest running lawsuit in Japan. Mutantfrog reports that “While the outcome of the case...

Malaysia: Taiwanese Girls

  23 April 2007

Cheeserland is visiting Taiwan with her friends and she can't stop admiring Taiwanese girls. “But really, I can’t help but admire Taiwanese girl’s fashion sense. They put on the right amount of make-up, wear the “big eye” lenses, have their lashes extended and their hair styled to a flawless perfection....

Taiwan: DIY media activist workshop

  18 April 2007

Inertia from Heterotopias announced the DIY media activist workshop to be help in Taipei end of April [zh]. Details can be found here (en and zh Bilingual site): “There will be several experienced media activists attend this workshop from Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea, including the non-profit art-technology organization and...

Taiwan: Fabricated News

  18 April 2007

On March 28th, TVBS, the TV station which has been long mocked as “TV Bull Shit”, broadcast some footage that caught the public's eyeballs. The footage, which showed gangster Chou Cheng-pao threatening his former gangster boss with guns, was later broadcast by other cable TV news channels. However, not until...

Taiwan: Mainstream media distortion

  17 April 2007

Ilya blogs about the distortion by the mainstream media, especially from T.V channels on the recent Losheng parada. Michael Turton also posted photos of a demonstration in April 14 protesting against the fabrication of the gangster video by the Chinese-owned news station TVBS.

Taiwan: Transport what to where?

  17 April 2007

In the essay on outdoor recreation, ‘Conservation Esthetic,’ Professor Leopold wrote, ‘Recreational development is a job not of building roads into the lovely country, but of building receptivity into the still unlovely human mind.’ The total area of Taiwan is about 36,000 sq. km, and mountains account for 30% of...

Hong Kong and Taiwan: Cross Border Citizen Reporting

  16 April 2007

Citizen reporters from Hong Kong have spontaneously organized a trip to Taiwan to report on Losheng preservation campaign. Lee Chung-nei carried with her a very simple question: why do these group of 70 years old grannies would stand up to resist the government policy? [zh]

Taiwan: Independent reporter threaten by police

  16 April 2007

Ms. Chui-Yung Chang (張翠容), an independent reporter from Hong Kong, was threaten by Taiwan local police when she spoke for the public in a demonstration. The administration claimed that foreigners can only perform the task listed on the application, or they will be deported. More details can be reached via...

Taiwan: Bloggers’ Further Action on Saving Losheng Sanatorium

  15 April 2007

As mentioned in the previous post, discussions and actions on saving Lo-Sheng Sanatorium have widely spread in Taiwan blogosphere. Now the whole event has also attracted attention from mainstream media, the public, and politicians. Bloggers’ actions: In addition to discussions and collaboration over their blogs, several bloggers decided to take...

Taiwan: Bloggers Festival

  10 April 2007

Taiwan Bloggers BoF, the biggest blogger festival in Taiwan is about to take place on April 14, 2007. BoF was first held in 2005, and named for “Birds of a feather”. In 2006, hundreds of bloggers participated in the 2nd BoF, in which a talk was given by Rebecca MacKinnon,...

China: Memedia Issue 3: New century for grassroots media

  9 April 2007

Another benchmark for the vibrant Chinese blogsphere, key bloggers and big names have come together to form Memedia, home to a collectively-written weekly roundup of the biggest stories from the Chinese blogsphere. Writes Virtual China's Lyn Jeffery: Coming from the combination of three terms, Me/Meme/Media. Memedia will provide interesting things,...

Taiwan: Losheng Walker

  4 April 2007

Inspired from the discussion on HEMiDEMi, macdog created a service called “Losheng Walker” (corresponding to “Taipei Walker“, a magazine which focuses on food and fun in Taipei), using the API provided by UrMap. This service allows users recommending featured food, drink, and snacks near the Lo-sheng sanatorium. The idea is...

Hong Kong: copyright and creativity

  3 April 2007

Rebecca has written up a detailed report on the copyright and creativity symposium. As she has pointed out, Hong Kong has lagged behind in web innovation. Jacky carried on the discussion and suggested that the cultural industries had to seek new business model (zh). Fongyun, a teacher, kept on protesting...

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