· February, 2007

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from February, 2007

Taiwan: the death of twblog.net

  28 February 2007

Inertia announced in his blog that twblog.net has officially died because the domain name has been took by other internet company. Bloggers under blog.twblog.net would be affected. He explains the current situation that “in taiwan blogosphere, it is simple to be independent, but to maintain that independence alone is difficult…”...

Taiwan: KMT internal rivalry

  28 February 2007

Michael Turton translates some local reports about the internal rivalry between Ma Ying jeou and Wang Jin-ping on the upcoming presidential election.

Taiwan: Name-rectification Debate

  28 February 2007

The two terms “Taiwan” and “Republic of China” ( R.O.C.) has been intertwined together for the last decades. However, after several elections, with the switch in ruling parties from the pro- Chinese- unification party KMT to the pro- Taiwan- independence party DPP, these two terms are now at the focus...

Taiwan: Flying Saucer Houses

  24 February 2007

Photographed by CantikFoto In Green Bay, Taipei County, there are some abandoned houses. Due to their appearance, they have been named ‘flying saucer houses’ by many people in that area. According to Echo-Maan, who lived in that area decades ago, the houses were built around 30 years ago by Tian...

Taiwan: kiss and ride

  16 February 2007

Mr.6 comments on the effect of (zh) David Reid’s blog post on the “kiss and ride” road sign near Hsinchu station of Taiwan High-Speed railway. The discussion about the use of “kiss and ride” in David’s blog entry has been picked up by many English newspaper both in Taiwan and...

Taiwan: The Justice Won Again

  14 February 2007

After Ma Yin-Jou, the chair of opposition party KMT got sued for corruption, prominent Taiwanese blogger, munch, immediately expressed his thoughts in a blog post titled “Ma gets sued! The Justice won again!“(zh) In the post he mentions that right now the Justice in Taiwan has finally proved its gut...

Taiwan: Ma Ying jeou

  14 February 2007

Yesterday, Taipei city Mayor Ma Ying jeou was indicted for embezzlement, resigns as KMT chair, then announces presidential bid. Michael Turton translated some reports from mainstream media. ESWN translated a poll from TVBS on public reaction towards Ma's announcement.

Caribbean: China or Taiwan revisited

  12 February 2007

“CARICOM countries would benefit more from a trade, aid and investment treaty with China that is collectively negotiated and that takes full account of the peculiar development needs of each of them,” writes Sir Ronald Sanders in an article continuing the discussion of the relative benefits, for Caribbean territories, of...

Taiwan: name-rectification

  8 February 2007

Mutantfrog blogs about the politics of name-rectification in Taiwan. Michael Turton from the View from Taiwan believes that “in any normal postcolonial state these monuments to the previous power would be either rehabilitated or destroyed. That is the process that the DPP is attempting to carry out“.

China and Japan: Kokaryo

  7 February 2007

Kokaryo is one of the debates between China and Japan, and it also involves Taiwan. Mutantfrog translates an article written from a Chinese perspective on the Kokaryo issue.

Grenada: Prime Ministerial apology to China

  6 February 2007

Ryan Patrick at the West Indies Cricket Blog posts the audio of the public apology offered by the Prime Minister of Grenada for the erroneous playing of the Taiwanese national anthem in place of the Chinese national anthem at a ceremony in Grenada.

Caribbean, China, Taiwan: A joint policy

  6 February 2007

At the Caricom Blog, Sir Ronald Sanders makes the case for the Caribbean to pursue a “joint policy” towards China: “Belize, Haiti, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and St Kitts/Nevis continue to recognise Taiwan while the rest of the Caricom countries have diplomatic relations with China. This division within Caricom...

Taiwan: corruption confession

  6 February 2007

ESWN translated an article by Lung Ying tai, the former minister of Culture Bureau, confessing her “corruption” crime, which is similar to Taipei city mayor Ma Ying-jeou's “corruption” case.

Belize: Taiwan or China?

  5 February 2007

Belizean – The Belize News Blog publishes an article by Godfrey Smith analysing the benefits for Belize of establishing diplomatic ties with China rather than Taiwan.