· November, 2006

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from November, 2006

Taiwan: Old Taipei market

  30 November 2006

Max Lin, citizen reporter at Ohmynews!, has put up three informative reports on the history of Old Taipei market: The Old Markets of Taipei; ‘Temporary’ Shilin Market a Permanent Hit; The Fading Memory of Chung Hwa Bazaar.

Taiwan: handicapped VS. foreign maids

  27 November 2006

A report at interlocals.net by torrent on the recent debate between handicapped alliance and foreign maids on granting the migrant domestic workers basic labour rights in Taiwan.

China: Put the E back in APEC

  19 November 2006

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum came to a harmonious enough end this Sunday with all twenty-one member nations agreeing to renew calls for North Korea to put an end to its nuclear plans and key player China putting its weight behind the pledge. Chinese bloggers, however, seem to have...

China: Touchy topics

  15 November 2006

BBS forums used to be the venue of choice to make oneself seen and heard in the Chinese blogsphere, until blogs came along and most of the biggest and best BBS names took their reputations and readers and set up their own spaces. While BBSes, some in blog+BBS hybrid form,...

Taiwan: Gravel

  14 November 2006

Michael Turton has a very well written post about Taiwan's development and environment in term of gravel supply.

Taiwan: terrorist blogger

  13 November 2006

ESWN translates some reports and posts about a blogger in Taiwan who blogged about various ways to depose President Chen Shui Bian. The blogger is now investigated by the Criminal Investigation Bureau and may be charged with incitement of others to commit crime soon.

Taiwan: Former Justice Minister

  6 November 2006

The former Minister of Justice, Chen Ding-nan passed away in the midst of the President corruption scandal. Levitator has more background on the Chen.

South Korea: who are US allies?

  6 November 2006

Robert Koehler comments on a commentary by Philadelphia Inquirer columnist which was viewed by Korean media a “naked expression of anti-Korean sentiment”. In the article, the columnist called Japan and Taiwan US’ real allies.