· October, 2006

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from October, 2006

Hong Kong: “zero-charge” tours

  25 October 2006

The “zero-charge” tours scandal is a distinctive “free-meal” feature in Chinese capitalist society. It happens in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, targeting at Mainland China tourists. How does this “zero-charge” tours come into being? Chong interlocals.net gives some background on the issue: Incredibly low fees or “zero-charge” tours are strategies...

Taiwan: mobile coffee

  18 October 2006

Funck Chen at CCB.2.0 blogs about the cultural history of mobile coffee house. The first coffee car appeared in 1999, and now becomes a national landscape and the drivers of moible coffee house are usually the best tourists’ guides (zh).

China: nokia ivory cell-phone

  16 October 2006

Insertia from Taiwan calls for a boycott on Nokia's cell-phone: I Can't believe it. When most countries in the world forbid ivory trade, Nokia sell ivroy mobil phone in China, Guangdong. Please let your frind know it: Boycutt Nokia Ivory Phone.

Northeast Asia: Nuclear test

  10 October 2006

Sun bin blogs the google map on the North Korea Nuclear test and summarizes the test information. In South Korea, there were much discussions in the blogsphere (although I can only get access to English sources). Jodi observes her South Korean friends’ reactions the test: Not surprisingly, however, was the...

China: Fifty-three things you may not know

  8 October 2006

As if learning Chinese wasn't hard enough, did you know that all bloggers in China are security encryption experts? ‘An effective way to visit Wikipedia’ [zh]—which is blocked in China—from Bokee blogger KangKang: 现在,维基媒体提供了通过HTTPS协议安全上维基网站的方法。使用下面的连接: Wikimedia now offers a way to safely access Wiki websites via HTTPS. Use the following links:...

Taiwan: Global Voices in Chinese Podcasting

  7 October 2006

Swpave records a podcast featuring headlines and hot blogging topics for the last week gathered from HEMiDEMi(a social bookmarking service in Taiwan, just like a combination of del.icio.us and digg.com) along with 6 stories from Global Voices Online in Chinese for the last week. He says the making of this...

South Korea, Taiwan and China: Scandal in Beijing

  6 October 2006

The concert, Scandal in Beijing, by Korean pop star Kangta and Taiwanese singer Vanness Wu at the National People's congress hall last month has irritated some conservative netizen. According to Robert Koehler in Marmot's Hole, the netizens were a bit upset at the government for allowing the artists to turn...

Taiwan: what does the red mean?

  2 October 2006

The colour of depose Bien campaign is red. So what does the meaning of red in Taiwan political context? Chen Kuan Hsing tries to read into the meaning. The Chinese original version is at inmediahk.net and a translated English version is at interlocals.net.