· September, 2006

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from September, 2006

Taiwan: Media Riot

  28 September 2006

There have been many complaints about mainstream media practice in Taiwan. Some feel that it hampers Taiwan from developing into a matured democratic society. Recently the whole island's news reports have covered nothing but the rallies either opposing or supporting Taiwan's President Chen Shui-Bian. Many Taiwanese bloggers are furious at...

Taiwan: media mobilization

  14 September 2006

In this depose President Chen movement, media mobilization has replaced political / organization mobilization, For ilya, this phenomena is new and it will have implication for the future development of depose Bien campaign (zh).

Taiwan: campaign against president Chen

  11 September 2006

The campaign against the Taiwan president Chen Shiu-Bien started on last Saturday, 9 of September. Whether to support Bien or depose Bien, that’s the question for many Taiwanese bloggers: Hung Wing tries to answer the question : 為什麼要倒扁, 是因為不希望國家再繼續空轉兩年, 每一個新的政策都需要時間來蘊釀推行, 我們的時間是很寶貴的… 為什麼要挺扁, 老實說我還真的想不到有任何的理由, 除了它是本土政權的代表, so what? 陳水扁他給自己訂了三大計劃,包括以台灣名義申請加入聯合國、推動台灣新憲法以及要求國民黨將黨產歸還給國家人民 不過看來看去,還是沒有經濟議題,或是有關民生的政策, 唉~ 所以把其放在天平的兩端…嗯~該偏向那邊就很明顯了,...

China and Taiwan: lonely planet

  4 September 2006

fiLi's world reports that some tourists travelling in China with the latest Lonely Planet book were asked to hand in their very expensive book at the border-crossing because the colour of China and Taiwan are different, and therefore political.