· August, 2006

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from August, 2006

Hong Kong: Chinese wikimedia conference

  28 August 2006

Last weekend (August 26-27), the Chinese wikimedia conference was held in Hong Kong. The two-day conference included a keynote address by Mr Jimmy Wales, founder and chairman of the Board of Trustees of Wikemedia Foundation, and other panels and sessions by noted speakers from the region. Topics included the content,...

Taiwan: Chen Shui bian

  21 August 2006

Michael Turton carries on the discussion initiated by Michael Anti via ESWN's translation. He gives more political background on the recent campaign to bring down Chen Shui Bian.

Taiwan: boycotting mainstream media

  21 August 2006

Wang Chien-Ming, a Taiwan baseball player who was called up from the Yankees’ AAA affiliate, the Columbus Clippers in 2005, issued a open letter on 17 of August saying that he would reject all the Taiwan mainstream media interview because his privacy had been infringed. Ilya blogs a press release...

Taiwan: Yahoo! auction

  15 August 2006

Recently Taiwan Yahoo! auction announced that all users will be charged 3% of transaction fees on most of the items. Eroach comments on whether such policy has violated the monopoly law in Taiwan(zh).

Taiwan: soya sauce factory

  8 August 2006

Michael Turton puts up an old article about his visit to a soya sauce factory in Central Taiwan. The vivid depiction tells a lot about the history of development and small business in Taiwan.

Taiwan: reporter is dog?

  4 August 2006

An experienced woman reporter writes in China time about her memory of a sexual harassment by the former President's security guard when she was reporting. She became the focus of the media after a few days and found herself being humilitated. “Every reporter wants to become a watchdog.” However, in...

Taiwan: media and independent music

  1 August 2006

Sounds and Fury has an angry post commenting on the mainstream media's attitude towards independent music during the recent 3 days annual independent music festival. The writer links the development of music industry with media reform (zh). “The issue at stake is not only whether or not they reports on...