· July, 2006

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from July, 2006

Taiwan: corruption

  27 July 2006

FLD from China Times wonders how president Chen Shui-bian would response to the recent accounting department report on the president house national secret expenses (zh). The report was released yesterday: 77% of the expenses was without standard record. The case is now filed at the department of justice.

Taiwan: student in hunger strike

  25 July 2006

A student Li Wen-zhen has been sitting at CKS memorial Hall for more than a month to protest against Taiwan president Chen Shui-bian's suspected corruption. Six days ago, he started hunger strike: “Either ah Bian step down or I fell down”. The incident remind FDL in China times of the...

Taiwan: ghost month

  20 July 2006

July in the Chinese Lunar Calendar is the ghost month. In Taiwan, municipalities are searching for ways to reduce the air pollution from thousands of people burning ghost money at the same time. Micheal turton from A view from Taiwan suggests to introduce ghost credit cards.

Taiwan: human trafficking

  19 July 2006

David discusses about the US State Department downgraded Taiwan to its “tier two” watch list in its latest Trafficking in Persons Report in jujuflop. He hopes that the report can give pressure to improve the human rights of overseas migrants (brides, workers and maids).

Taiwan: Girl shaving hair for saving her father

  13 July 2006

A Taiwanese girl created a blog and annouced that her action in shaving her hair and silent protest on her blog in order to save her father from injustice trial regarding corruption in village level election(zh). Another blog post in Chinatimes reports that her action has got the attention of...

China: Taste in reading

  6 July 2006

jxhill disusses the difference in the taste in reading among mainland Chinese, Honghongese and Taiwanese. Taiwan is most diversified among the three; Hong Kong is too commercialized; while mainland China has a great potential in further development (zh).

Belarus: “Cultural Exchange” With Taiwan

LJ user oldmah has asked (BEL) his online friend from Taiwan to write the words “Belarus” and “Zhyve Belarus” in Chinese script. (The latter means “Long live Belarus” and was the trademark slogan of this year's protests in Minsk.) The results of this “cultural exchange” are posted on oldmah‘s blog.

Hong Kong: July 1

  4 July 2006

A citizen reporter from Taiwan blogs about his experience on the July 1st demonstration this year in InMediaHK. The writer has joined the July 1st rally for three years hoping to find out what is the meaning of citizen movement in Hong Kong and the substance of local social movement...

Taiwan: conservation of Hansen disease hospital

  3 July 2006

Yang in Esouth blog reflects upon a rally to conserve a Hansen disease hospital from being demolished and replaced by a giant metro train factory. The issue has unveiled a hidden history of the city, the disease and the people. She is touched by the demonstration as the participants came...