· June, 2006

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from June, 2006

Taiwan: Chen corruption scandal

  29 June 2006

“Is President Chen [Shui-bian] implicated in any of the scandals that have surrounded him lately?” asks Politics From Taiwan blogger David. “Who knows. However, it's encouraging to see that there are real investigations going on into these cases…”

Plane Crashed in Fujian

  23 June 2006

It's the “third crash of Chinese airforce planes occurred in this month”, The Horse's Mouth translates. Considering the recent crashes of the airforce planes (all) occurred in Nanjing Military District, which is confronting Taiwan, this reflects that the training volume of airforce planes in this area has gone up sharply,...

Taiwanese Oversized Wedding Albums

  23 June 2006

Jason from Wandering to Tamshui talks about Taiwan’s booming wedding photography industry, and a book called “Framing the Bride“, written by Bonnie Adrian. Looking past the ridiculous fads and soft lighting that are endemic to the industry, Adrian manages to come up with some interesting theories on why Taiwanese (and...

China: Revolution’s victims’ stories blogged, not forgotten (2/4)

  22 June 2006

Chinese blogger-journalist Ran Yunfei (冉云飞) has spent a large part of his life researching the stories of those painted, purged and persecuted as right wing elements during China's Cultural Revolution; unable to have the stories published in any official media, he's turned to his own well-known blog. Early last month...

Global Voices in Chinese!

  14 June 2006

Last September, Taiwanese blogger Portnoy started translating Global Voices posts into Chinese – not all of them, that would be impossible for one person, but picking and choosing things he thought the Chinese speaking world ought to know more about. Portnoy's translation hobby has now turned into a full blown...

Taiwan: On Chen's recall

  14 June 2006

The recall motion on the Taiwan President Chen Shiu Bien is now a most hot topic. David from jujuflop had a lengthly discussion on whether it will succeed? whether it is a good move? or whether it will backfire KMT? etc. Michael Turton also picked up the discussion in The...

Lust, Caution

  14 June 2006

Danny Bloom in Japundit provided some backgrounds on the Ang Lee's latest film “Lust, Caution”. The original story by the late Chinese novelist Eileen Chang (張愛玲) (1920-1995) is only about 10 pages long.

Taiwan: ipod sweatshop

  14 June 2006

The breaking news of ipod sweatshop in China has been picked up by Taiwan Citizen journalism (zh) website Coolloud as the contracting company Foxconn (registered in Hong Kong) is owned by a Taiwanese multi-national corporate Hon Hai. According to the report workers work 15 hours a week while earning USD...

Taiwan: Ma's assassination called for?

  13 June 2006

Did a Taiwanese underground radio station just call for the assassination of the island's Kuomintang leader and possible future presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou? Blogging from EastSouthWestNorth‘s Roland Soong suggests this is unlikely [#036], but a post from The View from Taiwan‘s Michael Turton shows that thoughts of political assassinations are...

Taiwan: Tank man alive?

  5 June 2006

Asiapundit‘s myrick has two key posts this week: one announcing the commencing of the 2006-2007 Asia Blog Awards contest, with the deadline for nominations set at June 16. A new category this year aims to include blogs of a more visual nature: “Podcasts, photo and video blogs must be based...