· May, 2006

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from May, 2006

Taiwan: History of Chinese

  31 May 2006

China's political turbulence for the larger part of the twentieth century had much more impact on the Chinese language than a mere move from traditional to simplified characters. A growing resource guide from Mark Swofford at Pinyin News aims to set the record straight on just where the language has...

Taiwan: Ten years of democracy

  26 May 2006

A post earlier this week commemorates what Politics from Taiwan blogger David sees as ten years of democracy on the island off China's eastern coast: “By my reckoning, today marks the 10th anniversary of Taiwan's democracy. On 20th May 1996 Lee Teng-hui gave this speech at his inauguration. The election...

Taiwan: China threat growing

  26 May 2006

Although no clear timeline has been set by Beijing, an invasion of Taiwan is not a matter of ‘if,’ says political analyst-blogger Confidential Reporter at China Confidential, but when: “Notice we said ‘when,’ not if, because it is becoming increasingly clear that unless Taipei eventually, well, surrenders to Beijing, there...

Taiwan: Can't stop blogging

  25 May 2006

“[T]he Net has taken over my life,” decided prominent English-language The View from Taiwan blogger Michael Turton last Sunday, “and I need to regain control. So expect a drastic drop in posting.” The drop didn't last long as there is a long, new post today.

Malaysia: Electricity Rates

  25 May 2006

CompetitiveMalaysia is surprised that Malaysia's electricity rates are higher than Taiwan's. “If such a high cost country in Taiwan able to keep their electricity rate low. There is no reason that Malaysia, a petroleum production country unable to do that.”

Taiwan: Chinese spy confesses

  19 May 2006

A Taiwanese agent for the Chinese government wasn't so covert in trying to purchase an F-16 fighter jet engine and cruise missiles, blogs James J. Na at The Korea Liberator, followed up by a post from Joshua on the defection of another senior North Korean scientist: “The bad news is...

Hong Kong: Making fun of news

  15 May 2006

EastSouthWestNorth blogger Roland Soong translates a blog post which takes a humorous look at the ten hottest news stories on the internet this past week.

China: Music tour tips

  3 May 2006

In ‘One Country, Two Rock Scenes‘, Holidarity‘s Friend Gram reveals a mainland China rock star trick of the trade.

Haiti: China v. Taiwan Diplomatic Brawl

  2 May 2006

Taiwan's prime minister Su Tseng-Chang will not be attending President-elect Rene Preval's inauguration because of pressures from China, reports (FR) Radio Kiskeya. “Beijing formally urged [the Haitian government] to cancel the Taiwanese prime minister's visit, threatening to use its Security Council veto power next August against the renewal of MINUSTAH...