· March, 2006

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from March, 2006

Taiwan: Teaching English

  29 March 2006

Scott Sommers provides some context in response to recent comments on websites frequented by English teachers regarding government restrictions on private language schools in “The Continued Crackdown on Commercial Education.”

China: “Blog-gate” in the Bath-house

  17 March 2006

Shanghai businessmen are rediscovering the delights of the bathhouse as a venue for business bonding, reports Bingfeng Teahouse, who finds a strange angle on the Massage Milk hoax as reported in the Taiwan media.

Taiwan: Cloud Gate Thunders

  16 March 2006

ESWN has translated a transcript of a conversation between top Taiwan choreographer Lin Huai-min (of “Cloud Gate” fame) and the publisher of the pro-KMT United Daily News Wang Shiao-lan. Lin is disappointed at the paper's political positioning and the poverty of coverage, especially of culture.

Taiwan: How to feel about China?

  8 March 2006

How, asks London Calling, a Taiwanese woman doing an MBA in the U.K., is a Taiwanese person supposed to feel about China? “There are in total 784 Chinese missiles aiming at Taiwan at the moment. If the Chinese party leader orders to attack, China can bomb Taiwan for 10 hours...

North Korea: Supports “One China”

  6 March 2006

Angry Chinese Blogger examines a statement issued by Pyongyang over the weekend via the official Rodong Sinmun newspaper, pledging North Korea's support for Beijing's “One China Policy”, and denouncing Taiwan for abolishing its unification council.

Northeast Asia: Discussion forum

  3 March 2006

OhmyNews and the Civil Network for a Peaceful Korea are co-hosting a series of online discussion fora entitled Talk! Northeast Asia. Translated and cross-posted in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English between Feb. 27 and March 15, the event aims to provide the means for Northeast Asian citizens to produce ideas...