· February, 2006

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from February, 2006

Democracy on Tabloid?

  21 February 2006

On The View from Taiwan, Michael Turton and readers discuss how Apple Daily, the top selling tabloid newspaper in Hong Kong and Taiwan, reflects the regions’ democracy, freedom of speech and cultural spirit.

Taiwan's International Relations, a Detailed View

  16 February 2006

Douglas Adams on Jujuflop gives a detailed analysis and update on Taiwan's foreign relations: “When it comes to international relations, only two things really matter in Taiwan: Taiwan’s relationship with China, and Taiwan’s relationship with America“.

Panda Remorse

  15 February 2006

In the midst of the debate in Taiwan over whether to accept China's “generous” offer of pandas, The Foreigner in Formosa points out that “American zoos are having a bit of buyer's remorse when it comes to theirs“.

Despite The Missiles

  14 February 2006

Michael Turton on The View From Taiwan blogs on the political backpeddling of Ma Ying-jeou, the mayor of Taipei and the Chairman of Taiwan's main opposition party, Kuomintang. Ma had stated earlier on his visit to the UK that China must remove the 700 missiles pointing at Taiwan before the...

The Cost of Unification

  13 February 2006

Jerome Keating guest-posts on The Peking Duck on the potential social and economic costs of Taiwan's unification with Mainland China. Without touching on political costs, Jerome points out that the current health care system, the environment and the efficient use of tax revenue in Taiwan will suffer if unification happens.

Taiwan Strikes Back, With Pixels

  10 February 2006

Tim Maddog on Indiac rebukes China's claims of being “peaceful” in a recent white paper, by citing Taiwan's white paper on China's rise and adding his own commentary.

US Angry at The Speech of Taiwan's President Chen

  8 February 2006

Michael Turton in The View From Taiwan argues that the US's strong negative reaction to the Lunar New Year's speech from Taiwan's President Chen clearly shows ” how US officialdom is clueless about Taiwan“. Chen called for seeking UN membership under the name “Taiwan” and working toward a referendum on...

China, Taiwan: Animal Talk

  7 February 2006

Pinyin News goes from discussing an article about how birds can distinguish between Japanese and Mandarin Chinese to China's announcement that it was teaching Taiwanese to pandas it wants to donate to Taiwan.

Taiwan: Show of Hand Puppets

7 February 2006

Taiwanonymous comments on the arrival on a cable network of an English adaptation of a Taiwanese hand-puppet show series: a kind of puppet show for adults. He writes: “The Taiwanese have been able to get their heads around this concept, and there must be an interesting story as to how...

Taiwan: More on “Good” Colonization

6 February 2006

Michael Turton's comment on the Japanese Foreign Minister's recent assertion that Japan left Taiwan a good higher educational system turns into an informative post about how that system also systematically excluded locals.

Taiwan: The World is Not That

1 February 2006

Michael Turton picks apart global know-it-all Thomas Friedman's myths, mistaken conclusions and mischaracterizations of Taiwan so as to shoehorn it into his popular theories. “Friedman's uninformed screed highlights a desperate need for newspapers to draw on the writing of recognized experts in their fields, and more importantly, for academics to...