· January, 2006

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from January, 2006

Taiwan: What's in a Name?

31 January 2006

Pinyin News puzzles over — at length — the mystery of the ‘g’ in famous Taiwan director Ang Lee's name, which seems to be properly romanized as “An.” A commenter provides one answer: An Li or Li An sounded too feminine to him.

Japan, Taiwan: Cute Culture

  30 January 2006

An article about Japan's cultural obsession with cute things leads the leaky pen to write on Taiwan's own version of “cute culture.”

Taiwan: Macking in Taipei

26 January 2006

Roland Soong discussed an article from Hong Kong's Apple Daily tabloid saying that the Taipei City Government had a page on its website teaching foreigners how to hit on local girls. The story — and Roland — drew much fire and criticism from foreigners blogging in Taiwan. Read their comments...

Taiwan: Read It and ::>_<::

23 January 2006

In Taiwan, many are upset about the appearance of Internet slang in questions on the all-important college exam. Pinyin News explains what some mean, including ::>_

South Korea, Taiwan: Lost in Translation

  23 January 2006

Pinyin News discusses the sorry state of translation in Korea, as compared to Japan. Many translations are not direct from English but from Japanese translations, and (apparently) Korea does not have a proper English-Korean dictionary. According to Taiwan-based Mind of Mike, though, there's little worry: “English Sucks!”

Taiwan: Taiwan's Myspace.com

19 January 2006

the leaky pen talks about the pros and cons of Wretch, a Taiwan blog-hosting service much like myspace.com that appears to attract not just teenagers but politicians and local celebrities.

Taiwan: Premier Resigns

17 January 2006

One whole jujuflop situation has been following realignments in the Taiwan government since the ruling party's defeat in the last election. His latest is on the premier's resignation today. But the job's not as important as it sounds.

Taiwan: Chinese Fire Drill

16 January 2006

Taiwanonymous describes the unique fire escape items used in Taiwan, including a plastic “smoke-free” bag one puts over one's head while fleeing.

China: Panda Economics

  10 January 2006

An animal researcher in Taiwan concluded that the island should no longer accept artificially bred pandas from China since their rate of survival is so low. Sun Bin talks about the science of breeding pandas and the economics (of zoos) involved in having them.

Taiwan: One China Revisited

  9 January 2006

the leaky pen explains his doubts about the U.S.'s one-China policy. “As support for the one-China policy, many pro-China folks in Taiwan and abroad like to use the argument that “since the rest of the world says that Taiwan is not a country, it isn't. Therefore, Taiwanese demands for recognition...