· November, 2005

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from November, 2005

Taiwan: Poor Report Card

30 November 2005

the leaky pen answers the question: “Why is Taiwanese higher education so bad?“

China, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Taiwan: Giant Partner

  21 November 2005

KTemoc Konsiders says that ex-PM Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia would be happy to know that China is now ASEAN's biggest export market and the putative leader of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum. At least the prospect of making money through trade with the U.S., he says, should prevent China...

China, Taiwan: Taiwanization of China

  21 November 2005

“It is already under way,” posits Madman of Chu in a post discussing the “coming Taiwanization of China.” Still, the rivalry continues. The leaky pen notes China's attempt to upstage Taiwan's Golden Horse film awards by having overseas Chinese stars attend its Golden Rooster award ceremony a day earlier.

China, Taiwan: Self-Criticism

  14 November 2005

EastSouthWestNorth explains why he covers China, Taiwan and Hong Kong the way he does — why he selects the stories he translates and posts and how he approaches each geopolitical entity. The View from Taiwan responds.

Taiwan: Student Suicide

10 November 2005

Michael Turton, the teacher who blogs from Taichung as The View from Taiwan, has written before on the topic of teen suicide in Taiwan. He is shocked to find out that one of his own students has just killed himself.

Taiwan: Poetic Justice

9 November 2005

In response to the Taiwan government's apparent persecution of a pro-reunification TV network, a poet named Du Thirteen threatened to murder the premier and his family. the leaky pen has a summary here.

South Korea, Taiwan: Arms and the Man

  4 November 2005

“Will I need to buy a gun when I get to the United States?” The Asia Pages tries to assuage the fears of Korean students headed for American universities. Meanwhile, a Taiwanese gun dealer likens the U.S. to a firearms “candy shop.”

Taiwan: “Barbershop”

2 November 2005

the leaky pen reflects on Taiwan's “barbershop” brothels and the all-too-human need for sexual comforts.