· October, 2005

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from October, 2005

Taiwan: Ally Lost

  27 October 2005

Coming Anarchy comments on Taiwan's latest diplomatic loss: Senegal now recognizes Beijing.

China, Taiwan: Map Mess

  26 October 2005

When Google Maps labeled Taiwan a province of China, the company received protests from Taiwanese — and anger from China at its efforts to change the label. Then Google removed the legend. But all still doesn't seem right. Angry Chinese Blogger notices the difference between when one searches for Taiwan...

Taiwan, China, Singapore: Debunking a “History” Book

  24 October 2005

The View from Taiwan‘s Michael Turton reposts an email from from a National University of Singapore professor critiquing the myths, fabrications and inaccuracies that plague a recent book on the 15th century voyages of the Ming dynasty navy.

Taiwan: Google map row

  6 October 2005

Angry Chinese Blogger posts a long commentary on the row over Google's map of China and Taiwan, on which the latter is labeled as a province of the former.

Taiwan: Google map dispute

  5 October 2005

ESWN comments briefly on the furore over Google's map of Taiwan, which has it marked as a province of China, linking to a previous post which shows that the U.S. State Department's map is just the same.