· September, 2005

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from September, 2005

Hong Kong: Li Ao presser

  29 September 2005

ESWN translates part of the Hong Kong news conference given by Taiwan writer Li Ao, freshly arrived from his controversial speaking tour of the mainland, including the various ways in which the local press handled his stab at a common Cantonese expression…

Taiwan: Media watch

23 September 2005

Taiwan Tiger takes a look at the different sorts of spin in mainstream media reporting, notably in mainland China and the United States.

Taiwan, China: Full text of Li Ao

  22 September 2005

EWSN posts a full-length English translation of the controversial speech by Taiwan writer Li Ao, and urges readers to make up their own minds, rather than relying on imperfect summaries in the Western press.

Taiwan: Romanization

5 September 2005

Bogger ashaw cites a 1962 study as noting that Taiwan’s first periodical, a Presbyterian newsletter, was in romanized Taiwanese. Meanwhile, squabbling is underway over the romanization systems – the Tongyong Pinyin schemes – for Taiwanese dialects (Minnan, Hoklo, Hokkien etc). In this case, the author is a backer of the...

Taiwan: Investors beware

  1 September 2005

Scholars and experts warned Taiwanese investors and businesses about the credibility of China's official statistics regarding economic growth. One of them said China's economic growth rate did not tally with unemployment that ran as high as 130 million people nationwide.