· August, 2005

Stories about Taiwan (ROC) from August, 2005

Taiwan: Blog Tag & Maslow

25 August 2005

Huitabbychen who blogs at www.wretch.cc links Blog Tag to psychologist Abraham Maslow‘s Hierarchy of Needs theory… “Human being's sense of safety will only come about after their biological needs are fulfilled, which results in a sense of belonging.” Bloggers are said to be following the same pattern of needs fulfilment....

Taiwan: A motorbiker's journal

17 August 2005

SChee is regarded as a pioneer blogger in Taiwan. He once traversed the Australian continent on a motorbike, hence calling his blog a motorbikers’ journal. A new media adventurer at heart, he started blogging in 2002, and brought in moblogs in 2003, where many of his pictures were picked up...

China & Taiwan: lee teng-hui sounds off

  9 August 2005

Former Taiwanese President Lee Tung-Hui has injected himself into the China/Taiwan debate by arguing that any invasion of Taiwan by China would be impossible due to the US nuclear submarine presence in the western Pacific.

Taiwan: Taiwanese Double Play

2 August 2005

Taiwan Tiger reports on a gambling scandal that's roiling Taiwanese baseball right now. Unfortunately, it looks like the press is scapegoating foreign players who have been implicated in the scandal while whitewashing Taiwanese involvment.