· May, 2012

Stories about Singapore from May, 2012

China, Singapore: Reaction on Ferrari Crash

  17 May 2012

Recently a rich Mainland Chinese man killed three persons (including himself) in a Ferrari car crash in Singapore because of drunk driving. The incident has resulted in anti mainland Chinese sentiment in Singapore, Peter Barefoot from ChinaSMACK translated netizens’ reaction from China.

Singapore: Importance of the Hougang By-Election

  16 May 2012

For many netizens in Singapore, the Hougang by-election next week is going to test the popularity of the ruling party. National issues like train breakdowns, wage gaps, and migration policies are expected to be discussed in the local campaigning.

‘What’s Eating Singapore’ Data Visualizer

  13 May 2012

Singapore's Health Promotion Board uses the What’s Eating Singapore? data visualizer to survey the five most popular foods in Singapore based on social media posts. It's updated every three days. This week's most popular food items are pizza, curry, and sushi

Singapore: Population, Migration, and Women

  13 May 2012

Syahidah Ismail provides an overview of various issues faced by Singapore women in the past half century. The author discussed some of the controversial population and migration policies adopted by the government in the past decades.

Singapore: Remembering the 1987 ‘Marxist Conspiracy’

  13 May 2012

Several Singaporean groups will commemorate the 25th anniversary of a government crackdown of suspected destabilizers in Singapore. They are accused of being part of a ‘Marxist Conspiracy.’ Human rights groups claim that more than 2,500 people have suffered detention without trial since the ruling party came to power in 1959.