· February, 2012

Stories about Singapore from February, 2012

Singapore: Reactions to the Proposed 2012 Budget

  27 February 2012

Netizens react to the proposed 2012 budget of the Singapore government, which includes a commitment to lower the country’s dependence on foreign workforce, greater assistance to the elderly, the disabled and the lower-income families, and boosting the capacity of public transport and public hospitals.

Singapore Budget 2012

  20 February 2012

Leong Sze Hian analyzes the Singapore budget presentation for the year 2012. He concludes: “Need to cut rhetoric, and do something, anything, if the government wants to regain some credibility.”

Singapore: Politician's Expulsion Triggers By-Election

  15 February 2012

A by-election has been triggered in Singapore's Hougang Single Member Constituency after the Worker's Party expelled Member of Parliament Yaw Shin Leong amidst allegations of extramarital affairs. Netizens used the #hougangbyelection hashtag to express their comments about the issue

Singapore: Citizens Discuss Politician's Extramarital Scandal

  13 February 2012

An opposition politician has resigned from his party's Central Executive Committee amidst rumours of extramarital affairs. Netizens discussed the issue in various social networks and many expressed their disappointment over how the issue was handled by the Opposition Party

Southeast Asia: Restoring Historic Towns

  11 February 2012

Dr. Apiwat Ratanawaraha writes about several projects in Southeast Asia that seek to restore historic towns and promote cultural tourism. Some of the ongoing projects are located in Singapore’s Boat Quay, Malaysia’s Georgetown, and Thailand’s Chiang Mai